1. How do you order? 

– If you have already an idea of a gift/ premium item/s in mind that you want to source             out, you can do any of the following:

  • Check our list of products on our website and send us an inquiry based on the item you selected.
  • Send us a picture of the item you have in mind either directly through our website or you may e-mail us at : inquiry@axyspremiums.com
  • You can contact us directly to inquire through of any of the following :

     – Office telephone no’s: (632)8400913 to 14

     – Tele fax : (632)8123876

     – Mobile no: +639178587817

     – Viber : +639178587817

2. What are the terms of Payment?

– We usually require 50% down payment for all orders and full payment upon delivery. We    our however flexible with the payment scheme, please check with us to discuss your              preferred payment scheme.

– Modes of payment accepted are: Cash, Managers check, Check, Telegraphic transfer and     bank to bank transfers.

3. How are the items delivered?

– We can deliver to any part of Metro Manila for free.

– Out of town deliveries will have an extra delivery charge.

– We can also facilitate sea and air cargo deliveries.

– Special packaging instructions for the delivery of items may incur additional charges.

4. How fast is the delivery time?

– Depending on the item, the delivery time can be from a matter of a few hours to as much     as 60 days, please check with us first for the delivery schedule.

5.  Do you accept cash on delivery?

– Yes, we do accept cash for delivery.

6. Do you give discount?

– Yes, we do give discount on volume orders.

7. Do you ship worldwide?

– Yes, we can ship worldwide. Shipping fee will be under clients expense.

8. Do your products have warranty?

– All our products are covered with limited warranty depending on the item.

9. Do you accept credit card payments?

– Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card payments.

10. Do you allow cancellation on orders?

– We can accept cancellation of orders depending on the following conditions:

     a. Cancellation was done within a few hours after placing order.

     b. There is a valid reason for the cancellation.

NOTE: If these conditions were not followed, the client may still be able to cancel the order but with some possible charges for the late cancellation.

11. Is there a minimum number of order per item?

– Yes, there is a minimum quantity for order per item, these may range from a few dozen to a few thousands depending on the item. There are also some items that are available per piece. Please check with our office first before placing your order to check on the minimum order quantity (MOQ).